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Three Principles of Curry Making


Curry pic


Hailing from Bombay, India, Dr. Pradeep Ghia is a medical doctor who completed a fellowship in cardiology before going on to open a private practice in 1984. He retired from his practice in 2016. In his free time, Dr. Pradeep Ghia enjoys cooking, especially chicken curry.

Curry is a delicious dish, but one that seems intimidating to home chefs. However, Mamta Gupta, a home cook and internet sensation, offers three principles to for making curry.

First, she says to be generous with spices, which add both flavor and texture. She recommends buying spices in bulk from Asian markets.

Next, she advises cooks to determine how to prepare the onion, ginger, and garlic, the trio that adds the traditional flavor base to most curries. The longer they are cooked, the richer and darker they become.

Mamta Gupta’s third principle is adding one or more ingredients to give body to the curry sauce. The most common ingredients to choose from are: tomatoes, yogurt or cream, diced or pureed onion, spinach, coconut milk, or pureed peppers.